Updates on the restoration of G-AFFD at Fordaire Restoration.

IMG 4440i
This image shows one of the restored cranks for the Q6, rear, with a Tiger Moth crank, front.

IMG 3964i

Engine cowls and supporting structure fitted.

 Q6 steering

 Restored control column

IMG 5300

Tail section restoration underway

IMG 5298

IMG 5291

IMG 5295

Restored control column returns to the cockpit

IMG 1908

Q6 Tail in the paintshop

IMG 1907

IMG 1906

IMG 1904

IMG 1903


 IMG 0255

Tail section returned to the fuselage sporting new livery

IMG 0251

Window frames receive a respray

IMG 0250

Engine bay restoration

IMG 0249

Nose cowl and fuselage cover panels getting some colour

IMG 0248

IMG 0205

 IMG 0005

Restored cockpit controls

IMG 0004

IMG 0003

Newly upholstered seats return to the cockpit

IMG 0002

IMG 0022

A job well done

IMG 0021

Q6 underside gets Warbird paintwork reinstated



Percival Q6 G-AFFD Warbird livery


IMG 0427

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