The Lancaster Pilot - Fullelove

Sgt Desmond E Fullelove flew his first solo on BB697 during November 1941, a few weeks before his 20th birthday. On a subsequent solo flight in the same aeroplane, he became 'temporarily uncertain of his position' and made a precautionary landing in a field.  He left the aeroplane with its engine idling and ran over to a worker in the next field to ask where he was. The chap told him that the church spire in one direction was North and that in the opposite South. Fullelove replied that he was aware of that fact, to which his helper clarified "no, I mean that church is North Kilworth & that's South Kilworth". With this information, it seems Fullelove took off again and found his way back to Sywell to continue his training under the instruction of a French Air Force officer. Fullelove continued his training in the USA before returning to join 207 Sqn, flying the Lancaster bomber from RAF Langar in Nottinghamshire. His first mission was on the night of 25/26 June 1943 against a very heavily-defended Gelsenkirchen.   

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